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Due to the fact that we manufacture thousands of products,
we do not currently offer items for sale on our web site.

Many of our newer products are copyright of their original owners, and we only produce those licensed pieces for their respective vendors.

Custom product prices: are not listed. Cost per item will vary depending on: size, quantity, variation, complexity, product weight, accesories, and more.

J's Inspired Jewelry is focused on providing high-quality wholesale product.

We have a variety of jewelry for sale at special events. (listed below)

Our work can also be found in many retail outlets! (listed below)

Find J's Inspired Jewelry :

York Revolution Baseball Team Store - York, PA

Lancaster Barnstormers Baseball Team Store - Lancaster, PA

Long Island Ducks Team Store - Central Islip, NY

Sunrise Soap Co. - York, PA

Mudhook Brewing Company - York, PA

... and more soon !