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High Quality Pewter Charms, Made In The USA!

These are not thin, stamped products-
but prices are competitive with cheaper imported items!
Our jewelry is made with all high-quality components,
they are intended to be worn and admired!

J's Inspired Jewelry is a small, independently-owned, family-run business based in York, Pennsylvania. Our roots began in 2003, creating custom jewelry items as fund-raising for non-profit organizations and events. We are proud to continue to support causes such as Susan G. Komen, SPCA, American Red Cross and more.

In 2014, we expanded operations to allow us to create new pieces in-house, and offer quick turnaround on new designs. We value your business and understand the importance of creating a quality piece that reflects your organizations values. Why would you order product overseas, with huge minimum quantity requirements, long time-delays, and less accountability?

J's Inspired Jewelry can make your design, to a high-quality product available for sale- in a minimal time, with minimal effort.

Our oldest son, Josh, the graphic designer is currently based in Houston, Texas. Sean, is proudly serving with the Navy, and raising a wonderful family in Bremerton, Washington. And Ryan, the youngest son, helps out with the business when he is not at his full-time job, or working on his car.